Surplus Coatings has been the leading powder coating recycle company within the United States since 1995. While on a visit in 2016 to China to meet with recycling partners owner Dwayne Behrens, and COO, Brian Spicer recognized the need for an extended type of recycling service for the powder coating industry in the United States. Fast forward to 2019 when "Innovakote" came to life. 


       We've been in the powder coating industry for years. Recycling waste powder coating is important to us. We value it both professionally and personally. Less waste in our landfills is important to us, not just from a business standpoint but also for the world we live in. Utilizing recycled products to manufacture products is efficient and innovative and exactly what the powder coating industry needs.  


      Our goal is to create a circular solution that will benefit companies, the powder coating industry, and our planet. Innovakote is reforming the powder coating industry by using innovation and technology to create a circular economy that eliminates waste in the powder coating industry.

Are you ready to make a full circle impact from start to finish?

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Innovakote West Michigan, LLC

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